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Convert DJVU Files to PDF Format for Free

Are you looking for a way to convert djvu files to pdf files using free, simple and easy way? Here is a solution that can help you.

What is DJVU file format?

Many of the scanned files these days are created using djvu format. The format is great and offers several benefits. For example, it captures all the details of an scanned page. Text will be searchable, and images and drawings will be captured in high resolution.

What is the problem?

While the format is great and provides several benefits, it is not universally recognized and used like pdf. So, if you want to share file with others, you may want to convert it to pdf first.

How to convert DJVU to PDF format?

To convert djvu to pdf, you will need 2 apps.

  1. First, you would need a djvu reader. WinDJView is one such Free Open Source Software. There are other alternatives. You can also install browser plugin to view DJVU files in web browser. but WinDJView is my personal favourite. Using WinDJView, you can read DJVU files as ebook. You can also search within the document.

  2. Second, you would need a pdf printer driver such as PrimoPDF or CutePDF.

Once you have installed both the software, open the Djvu file you want to convert in djvu reader (e.g. WinDjView). Then print the file using Print option in djvu reader and use PDF printer (e.g. CutePdf or PrimoPdf) as printer. This will save the file as PDF.

Only drawback is you will lose all the advantages of djvu file. For example, the pdf will not be searchable. So, you should continue to use DJVU file format and WinDJView reader for internal use. You can share PDF file with the users who may not have DJVU reader, or may just prefer to use Adobe reader.


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