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List of Top Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is already the most powerful Blogging Software. WordPress constantly adds new features with every release. But there are times you would need a feature which is not available in standard version of WordPress. No Problem. There are thousands of Plugin to fill the gap. Here is the list of important Plugins to help you get best of your Blogging time.

Use of Transaction types for Asset Transactions in SAP

Transaction type is required for Asset transactions. Transaction type defines the type of transaction such as Acquisition, Retirement, and Transfer of Asset. Settings for how to process these transactions are also maintained in Transaction type.

Save Time With These Tips and Tricks in SAP

SAP is complex software with thousands of transactions to know and settings to configure. If you are SAP consultant, these tips and tricks will save you save time.

Handling Fixed Asset transfers in SAP AA

There are times when you would need to transfer assets either from legacy Non-SAP system to SAP system or from one company Code to another code within SAP.