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List of Common Errors in SAP FICO With Solutions

When you run transactions you can encounter errors. These errors are usually missing configuration. Some of the most frequent errors with solutions are listed below.

Transaction in area NN contradicts the net book value rule

You get this error when you try to post value to asset such as special or unplanned depreciation which will make the Net book value of asset negative.

The issue can be fixed by going to depreciation area config for chart of depreciation and changing the value allowed to “All Values Allowed”. However, before you change the config, ensure that you truly want to allow negative net book value. Otherwise go back and check your transaction.

Only output tax is allowed for account xxxxxxx xx

You get this error while posting when there are restrictions on type of tax codes allowed for GL account.

Go to FS00 and check Control data tab/Tax Category field. Check the posting for correct tax code. If you still want to eliminate the error, you would need to change the Tax category.

Balancing field “Profit Center” in line nn not filled Error in ASKB

ASKB is the transaction in SAP used for periodic posting of Asset APC values to G/L.

You get profit center balancing error, if you do not maintain necessary account determination in Config. To fix the error look for depreciation area with the issue and check if the account determination Cost objects has been maintained in ACSET. Maintain the values and issue should be fixed.

Transaction key XXX YY chart of accts ZZZZ not defined in table T030K

The error occurs when you try to post an Invoice and the tax code has not been maintained in Config.

To resolve the issue, you have everything in Error message except G/L account that needs to be assigned to Tax code. Go to Tcode OB40, Provide Chart of Account (ZZZZ), Transaction (XXX), and assign G/L to the tax code (YY).

Company codes have different settings for withholding tax treatment

You receive this error, when you try to post intercompany posting, but one of the company code is on standard withholding tax setting while other one is on extended withholding tax setting.

You can check the setting in IMG –> Financial Accounting –> Financial Accounting Global Setting –> Company Code –> Activate Extended Withholding Tax.

You won’t be able to post single cross company code posting. You would need to post 2 entries, one in each company code separately. At later stage, check if you want to bring both company codes to extended withholding tax.

Account XXXXXXXX requires assignment to CO object

You get this error message (Account XXXXXXXX requires an assignment to a CO object) when GL account is relevant for Cost posting ie Primary Cost element is created for the account. In this case, System is going to need a Cost Object (Cost Center, Internal order, wbs element etc) in the posting as a posting needs to be automatically done in Controlling.

What if this is an Automatic posting?

In case of auto posting (such as gain/loss posting), you will not be able to assign Cost object manually. In that case you will need to assign a default cost object to the account (OKB9).

An entry with this withholding tax type already exists

This error occurs when you try to assign multiple lines with the same tax type to the business transaction. SAP only allows one entry for tax type in a business transaction. If multiple lines need to inserted, then multiple tax types must be created.

No clearing accounts specified for company codes NNNN/MMMM

You receive this error when you try to post intercompany posting, but company code pair has not been set up for cross company code posting.

To resolve, make configuration change in OBYA. Company Codes must be on same Withholding Tax setting (Classic or Extended).

Maintain conversion factors for XXX/YYY (currency type NN)

This error indicates that Conversion factor has not been maintained for the currency pair in the system. Check the currency pair in IMG -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Define Translation ratios.

If the currency pair is not maintained, maintain the pair for XXX/YYY and YYY/XXX (for example USD/CAD and CAD/USD).

Account type X is not defined for document type YY

You get this message when document type, you are using is restricted by Account type available for postings.

In document type, Document posting can be restricted to certain account types – G/L, Vendor, Customer, Asset or Material. If you need to post to certain account type, choose appropriate document type.

For document type XX, an entry is required in field Document header text/Reference

You get this error, when entry to the Reference/Header Text has been set to require in document type configuration.

To resolve the error, enter appropriate value in Text field/reference field in document header.

Acct determination not defined for trans. WIT XX YY in chart of accts ZZZZ

You get this error when a G/L account for withholding tax type XX tax code YY has not be configured. Tax type and tax code is maintained in Vendor master under Withholding Tax category.

To resolve the error, Go to Spro -> Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) -> Withholding tax -> Extended Withholding Tax -> Posting -> Accounts for Withholding tax -> Define Accounts for Withholding tax to be paid over.

And assign a G/L account to tax type XX and tax code YY (Shown in the error).


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