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Tips, Techniques, Dos and Donts to Improve Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the worst fears people have. These tips, dos & don't, and techniques will help you shine next time you are on the stage.

Book Review: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

“The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience” is a book with the goal of helping people improve their presentation Skills. The Book uses Steve Jobs’ Presentations as case study and shows readers ways to become a great presenter.

Book Review: How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking

“How to develop Self Confidence and Influence people by Public Speaking” is a book written with simple goal of helping people overcome the fear of public speaking and learn to enjoy it. The book aims to achieve the goal by providing many practical advises that readers can start using to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Dos and Don’ts of Search Engine Optimization

Old SEO, New SEO, Panda, Penguin – There are many things content creators have to worry about these days. Some people say forget about SEO, just focus on content and user. At the same time, Search traffic is important. What do we do?

Book Review: The One Minute Manager

"The One Minute Manager" aims to help manager achieve great results while helping people feel good about themselves, the organization and the people they work with.

Tools, Techniques and Tips to Improve Memory

Have you come across an embarrassing situation in which you were trying hard to recall someone’s name, but could not? If so, then it is time to work on memory power. Memory is essential to every aspect of life: professional, personal or social.

Short Tutorial on Coding Skills for WordPress Blog

WordPress makes it very easy to customize look, feel and functionality of Blog. You can use theme options and plug-ins to enhance the power of WordPress blog. But you will soon realize that knowing some basic coding skills helps a lot, if you are serious about blogging. We will learn about these key coding skills in this post.

Wikipedia Discussions – Leave Comments on Wikipedia Articles

It will be great if we could leave comments on Wikipedia articles and engage in the discussion. Is there  any way to do it? Wikipedia discussions (Also called Wikipedia talk Page) are great yet less known feature of Wikipedia. We can discuss article, read the discussion on the topic, suggest improvements on the article, and show agreement or disagreement over the topic presented. Reading discussion can point to areas that are not included in the article or are controversial to be included in the main article.

What is Product Taxonomy and UNSPSC

Taxonomy is a way to categorize and organize things. Product Taxonomy is a way to categorize products for easier handling and searching.

What are EPC and RFID tags

EPC is designed to identify every item uniquely. Recently, RFID tags are gaining popularity to track items. We look at the functionalities of EPC and RFID.

What is UPC, EAN and GTIN and How are these different

UPC (or EAN or GTIN) started as a value add feature to track inventory for companies. They have become necessity for commerce (and e-commerce) in modern times.

Key Concepts in Project Management

Managing Projects require extensive experience and knowledge of Project Management concepts. Project Management is vast area of study. These are some of the key concepts in Project management to get you started.

How to Use Visual Basic for Application (VBA) in MS Excel

Microsoft Office documents (Excel, Word etc) are shipped with extensive functionality which is more than enough for most users. But there may be a need for enhancement to these applications or automate certain tasks that standard versions of these software are not equipped with. For this purpose, Microsoft applications include a programming environment to add new functions to standard application.

Complete Guide to Functionalities in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is awesome tool to know more about your website, traffic, and user behaviour. This guide will quickly get you started with Google Analytics.

Key Functionalities Supported in SAP SRM

SAP SRM enables companies to streamline and automate procurement. SAP SRM supports different types of procurement and covers end to end functionality.

Complete Guide to SAP New GL functionality

With MYSAP ERP releases (ECC 5.0 onwards) SAP introduced New GL functionality. Most of the User interfaces and transactions remain same, however internal architecture and available functionality has changed drastically.

15 Common Punctuation Mistakes to Avoid

Most of us studied punctuations long time back. As time progressed, punctuation errors started to sneak into our writing.

Book Review: Write to Sell

“Write to Sell: The Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting” is a Guide to write great sales copies. Primary goal of the book is to help readers become better sales writers. The book aims to meet this goal in a very crisp and clear way.

Book Review: Getting rich your own way

“Getting Rich Your Own Way” is written by Brian Tracy. Brian is a successful businessman and a professional speaker. He has written more than 300 books and training programs about personal development, Business turnaround strategies, Leadership and selling skills.

Are ETFs Really Cheaper Than Open-End Index funds?

While many people feel that ETFs are cheaper than Index MFs, a careful analysis will reveal it is not always the case.

How is ETF Share Created and Redeemed?

The heart and soul of Exchange Traded Fund is how the ETF units are created. The process of creation and redemption is what makes ETF different from Mutual fund.

Index fund versus ETF

Both Index mutual fund and Exchange Traded Fund are excellent way for individual stock holders to buy and hold a basket of securities at a low cost, however there are differences that one must consider before deciding on MF or ETF.

Book Review: Big Money in Your Own Small Business

“How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business” is written by Jeffery J. Fox best known for his book “How to Become CEO”. Mr Fox runs a successful Marketing consulting firm.

Everything about Stock Picking in Bullet Points

Everyone wants to pick quality stocks at low price, so she can make money in stock market. There are multiple theories on how to pick stocks and multiple indicators can be used. There are no sure ways to pick stocks, but you can consider following indicators to short-list stock.

Internal Catalogue vs Punch Out Catalogue

Catalogue Management has revolutionized the way procurement works in the organizations. Cumbersome procurement years ago has turned into easy shopping experience today, because catalogues provide a way for buyer to search for items and shop. This gives enterprise buyers easy shopping experience similar to consumer websites such as Amazon.

List of SAP SRM Components

SAP SRM has several components that offer different functionalities. Installing SRM components will depend on required functionalities for the implementation scenario. List of SAP SRM components are.

Deployment Scenarios in SAP SRM

SAP SRM supports four deployment scenarios based on the level of integration required with Back end ERP.  The scenario you choose will dictate where (SRM or ERP) actions will be taken and follow on documents will be created.  So choosing the implementation Scenario is the first and most critical step, you would need to take before implementing SAP SRM.

Centralized vs Decentralized Procurement Model

Procurement can happen at the central or corporate level or it can happen at local unit level. Centralization or decentralization depends on many factors.

Ways to Categorize Products in Procurement

Companies procure products and services for long term needs as well as day to day needs. Procured Goods and Services can be categorized in multiple ways and will require different treatment and strategies.

How is IT helping Trends in Procurements Processes

Technology is helping drive several key trends in procurement processes. These new trends is focus of Procurement transformations in organizations.

Getting Free Passport Photos Online

We all need Passport size Photo for different purposes these days. The reasons can include passport, Visa, Green Card, or any other application that need photo included. Traditionally, we had to go to photo shop to get the photo done. Now, there are on-line Do-It-Yourself options available that can save you time and money. All you need is a good Digital Camera and access to free on-line web application to create Passport size photo.

10 Investment Advises I Learned by Hearing to Warren Buffet

There is probably no one who is quoted (and misquoted) more than Warren Buffet on investing. Unfortunately lot of it is not correct. So, I decided to listen to several of Warren Buffet’s interviews and here are key nuggets of Warrant Buffet’s wisdom.