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Everything about Stock Picking in Bullet Points

Everyone wants to pick quality stocks at low price, so she can make money in stock market. There are multiple theories on how to pick stocks and multiple indicators can be used. There are no sure ways to pick stocks, but you can consider following indicators to short-list stock.

Internal Catalogue vs Punch Out Catalogue

Catalogue Management has revolutionized the way procurement works in the organizations. Cumbersome procurement years ago has turned into easy shopping experience today, because catalogues provide a way for buyer to search for items and shop. This gives enterprise buyers easy shopping experience similar to consumer websites such as Amazon.

List of SAP SRM Components

SAP SRM has several components that offer different functionalities. Installing SRM components will depend on required functionalities for the implementation scenario. List of SAP SRM components are.

Deployment Scenarios in SAP SRM

SAP SRM supports four deployment scenarios based on the level of integration required with Back end ERP.  The scenario you choose will dictate where (SRM or ERP) actions will be taken and follow on documents will be created.  So choosing the implementation Scenario is the first and most critical step, you would need to take before implementing SAP SRM.

Centralized vs Decentralized Procurement Model

Procurement can happen at the central or corporate level or it can happen at local unit level. Centralization or decentralization depends on many factors.

Ways to Categorize Products in Procurement

Companies procure products and services for long term needs as well as day to day needs. Procured Goods and Services can be categorized in multiple ways and will require different treatment and strategies.

How is IT helping Trends in Procurements Processes

Technology is helping drive several key trends in procurement processes. These new trends is focus of Procurement transformations in organizations.