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Book Review: Getting rich your own way

“Getting Rich Your Own Way” is written by Brian Tracy. Brian is a successful businessman and a professional speaker. He has written more than 300 books and training programs about personal development, Business turnaround strategies, Leadership and selling skills.

Are ETFs Really Cheaper Than Open-End Index funds?

While many people feel that ETFs are cheaper than Index MFs, a careful analysis will reveal it is not always the case.

How is ETF Share Created and Redeemed?

The heart and soul of Exchange Traded Fund is how the ETF units are created. The process of creation and redemption is what makes ETF different from Mutual fund.

Index fund versus ETF

Both Index mutual fund and Exchange Traded Fund are excellent way for individual stock holders to buy and hold a basket of securities at a low cost, however there are differences that one must consider before deciding on MF or ETF.