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Is PMP Worth the Cost and Effort?

PMP is a prestigious designation with stringent requirements. It requires significant effort ans money to achieve. It  then also requires good amount of effort and money to maintain.

Do I qualify for PMP Exam?

The first question to ask is if you qualify for PMP in the first place. Project Management professionals with Bachelor degree require 3 years of Project Management experience within past 6 years. This should include minimum 4500 hrs managing and directing Project tasks. High School Graduates require 5 years of Project Management experience within past 8 years. This should include minimum 7500 hrs managing and directing Project tasks.

You also need 35 Contact hours training in Project Management. The training should have been completed before you apply. The training requirement can be fulfilled by attending training provided by REPs (Registered Education provider) or by documenting project training during Collage, Work or trainings conducted by other training providers.

Is PMP Worth the Cost and Effort?

If you do qualify, then the next question is should you get the PMP certfication. The question is difficult to answer, as individual experience might vary. The hiring manager will most likely put far more emphasis on previous experience and accomplishments and the relevance of experience for current job. The credential is very well recognized in Project Management field and will add value to resume and profile. However, it would be difficult to put a definite ROI figure.
  • Going for PMP might prove be an advantage in certain situations. If you have long Project Management career ahead of you, the investment might be worth it.
  • Relevant Experience and other related factors are still the most important factors for hiring managers. PMP can help if choice is between similar candidates.
  • If Competition is high, PMP could be used as screening factor. Only PMP holders might move to next round.
  • If the job requirements are not clear or if hiring team does not have much Project Management experience, they might put lot of weight on PMP and training to be safe.
  • PMP (PMBOK) provides a common language for project management. Projects generally involve people from different departments, countries, companies (vendors, customers). Having a common language helps reduces chance of misunderstanding and miscommunication.


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