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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: Book Review

Think and Grow Rich was first published in 1937 with simple goal of helping achieve great wealth. The book presents a 13-step formula to help people become super-successful.

The book is written by Napoleon Hill. It is considered pioneer in self-help inspiration book.  The success of the book earned Napoleon Hill reputation of great thinker and top consultant to business leaders.

As you start to read the book, you will be amazed by how much work and research has gone into the book. This book took Hill almost entire career to produce. Hill interviewed 500 super successful people such as Ford and Andrew Carnegie over 25 years. The principles presented in the book are learning from these interviews and interactions with super successful people Hill interviewed. Based on 25 years of research, 13 principles to achieve success are:

  1. Desire - All achievement starts with burning desire. You can’t achieve what you don’t desire. But remember desire is not a wish or hope.
  2. Faith – You must have faith in your desire and ability to achieve it. Faith is the antidote to failure.
  3. Auto Suggestion – Subconscious mind is very powerful. You need to train yourself so that your subconscious mind automatically comes up with ideas to fulfil your desire.
  4. Specialized Knowledge – Knowledge is power only if it is organized into a plan to achieve what you desire. You need knowledge specific to your goals.
  5. Imagination – We can achieve anything we can imagine. You would need both Synthetic Imagination and Creative imagination.
  6. Organized Planning – Once you have generated ideas thru imagination, you need to organize these ideas into plan of action.
  7. Decision – Don’t procrastinate. Your ability to take decision quickly and change them slowly will be the key to success.
  8. Persistence – If you give up when you are up against negative forces, you will not succeed.
  9. Master Mind – You cannot have all the knowledge you need to succeed. Create a master mind group to have access to specialized knowledge. Members of the master mind group should have positive influence on each other.
  10. Sex Transmutation -Sexual energy is very powerful, channelize it to your desire to succeed.
  11. Subconscious mind – Subconscious mind works day and night. You need to fill it with faith, so it works in positive direction.
  12. Brain – Your brain is broadcasting and receiving station for thoughts. If you can combine brain power with master mind group, you can generate big ideas.
  13. Sixth sense – When you develop sixth sense, you can create infinite intelligence from your finite mind. You are master of creative imagination.
Mr Hill then covers how to avoid 6 fears (Poverty, Criticism, Ill Health, Loss of someone, Old Age, and Death) to help you put 13 principles into practice.

"Think and Grow Rich" is one of the first book on achieving excellence and success, and has been updated a few times to ensure relevance. The principles provided are immortal. They continue to be relevant to all of us.

Mr. Hill does justice to the goal of the book. He presents principles, and then clarifies them with examples of people he interviewed. He also presents several exercises and step by step instructions to help you apply the principles. This is perfect way to present the success formula. It makes sure people buys into the abstract principles (if they worked for Ford and Gates, it must work for us as well). The book then slowly introduces the instructions that people can follow to apply principles. This is the key differentiator of the book. The book is not just inspirational book. It provides clear actions to achieve success.

The only problem you would notice as you read thru the book is that there is a lot of repetition of ideas. Brain, Subconscious mind, creative imagination, auto suggestion, and 6th sense are mostly same ideas. But other than this minor thing, there is hardly anything to point out. The book is extremely relevant and can change life of anyone who is willing to apply the formula in the book. If you can pick only one book to achieve success, than “Think and Grow Rich” is the book. This book can transform the thought process and outcome of your life.


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