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26 Proven Work at Home Business Ideas You Can Run Part Time

If you are looking for work at home business ideas, then this list can help you. All of these can be done as part-time business, so you don’t have to leave your job until you are confident of making full time income from your Work at home business.

  1. Software support – There are many people and companies that are looking to solve their software/technical issues. If you have expertise to solve technical problems, then you can provide software support from home.
  2. Web apps/ Mobile apps – If you can create software application that people would like to use, then you can earn money from your app.
  3. Website templates – People use website templates to save time or get premium look for their websites. Put your technical expertise to use and create premium website templates that people will want to pay for. For example, you can create premium WordPress themes and sell them.
  4. Virtual assistant – Busy professionals are always looking for ways to save some time. If you can take up some of their tasks, you can charge for your services.
  5. Bookkeeping – Many businesses are looking to outsource bookkeeping. If you have some accounting knowledge, you can fill this gap and make money.
  6. Online sale – You can sell stuff online (on ebay, amazon, craigslist etc.), and generate profit. It is preferred to specialize in a niche than trying to cover everything, when you are starting out.
  7. Drop shipping business – You can do drop shipping business with very little investment. Find customers to sell, find suppliers who are willing to fulfil the order, and make profit.
  8. Design web logos – If you have artistic brain that can understand technologies, you can design web logos for companies.
  9. Paid reviews – There are many websites that pay for reviewing products. If you can write compelling reviews, you can earn money reviewing products.
  10. Stock trading – You can do share trading at home and make money. This is risky business though and you can end up losing money. But if you can develop this skill, you can make a lot of money as well.
  11. Commodity trading – Commodity trading is also gaining popularity in recent time. This is also a risky business. You should get into it only if you are sure you have good handle on commodity market.
  12. Creating Website – If you have good knowledge on a topic, you can share the knowledge on the web. You can also create a go to website by curating or aggregating content from other sources. You can then earn money from website (e.g. advertising revenue).
  13. Blogging – If you are passionate about a topic, you can blog about it. You can then earn money from the blog. You can also combine your blog with other businesses (For example with consulting, eBook or software support).
  14. Create an on-line forum – If you can create a forum and engage people so they use the forum, you can earn money from advertising.
  15. Creating Videos – If you can create entertaining or useful videos you can earn money from advertising.
  16. Creating Podcasts – You can run daily or weekly podcasting on a topic. As you gain audience, you can earn money from advertising or sponsorship.
  17. Creating photos – You can take amazing images that people would want to pay for. You can then list them on photo websites (such as iStock) and get paid when someone uses your photo.
  18. Book writing – You can write books and become published author. When your books are sold, you earn royalty.
  19. eBook – You can write eBooks and then sell them on-line (e.g. on amazon). If people find value in your eBooks, you can make good money.
  20. Freelance writing – You can write articles for newspaper or magazines. You will get paid for your articles.
  21. Paid articles – You can write articles or blog posts for other websites or blogs, and get paid for these articles.
  22. Consulting – If you have expertise in an area (say income tax), you can provide consulting service. You will most likely be paid hourly or daily rate.
  23. Coaching/teaching – If you have skill in an area where people need help (e.g. Maths), you can teach people and earn money.
  24. Online Course – If you don’t want to keep spending time teaching, you can create an on-line course. You will make money as people buy and use the course.
  25. Ghost-writing – There are many famous people who have good stories to share but not so good writing skills. These people need help writing their books or autobiographies. You will remain unknown, but money is good.
  26. Public speaking – If you can deliver a good speech that will help people solve their problem, you can get speaking assignment. There is good money, if you are recognized as good speaker.
Not all work at home business idea appeal to everyone. You need to pick up your idea and get started. You can also combine of some of these ideas (For example Blog, videos, ebooks) to create a solid business plan.


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