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14 Free Keyword Research Tools for Perfect Keyword Ideas (Updated)

Finding right keywords for your article is the key first step if you want to perform well in search engine. These free keyword research tools will help you find the perfect keyword/phrase for your next article.

  1. Google suggest – Google auto-suggest feature shows keyword ideas as you start typing. Use this tool to find out long tail keywords ideas.
  2. Seobook Google Suggest - This Seobook tool calls Google Suggest and brings keyword suggestions. These suggestions are important to know because people are likely to click on keywords auto-suggested by Google.
  3. Keyword Shitter - Keyword Shitter generates a list (actually a huge list) of keywords that you can research further and target.
  4. Answer the Public - This tool generates a big list of questions, prepositions, and comparisons that you can use as keywords for your blog post. 
  5. Ubersuggest Ubersuggest is another free keyword suggestion tool that calls Search engine auto-suggest feature (e.g. Google Suggest) and generates keyword ideas. This is little more powerful than Seobook Google suggest as you can search different categories such as web, images, news, Videos etc.
  6. - This keyword suggestion tool also gives you keyword suggest ideas. You can search across Google, Bing, Video, and Appstore. You can also get local ideas from country and language (e.g. Australia and English).
  7. 7search keyword tool 7serach is a simple keyword suggestion tool that shows keyword ideas, search volume, clicks, and cost estimate.
  8. Soovle This is a simple keyword suggestion tool with very intuitive interface. As you start typing, you can see auto-suggested keywords from multiple search channels such as Google, Bing, Youtube etc.
  9. Google Keyword Planner Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the keyword research tool Google created for AdWordsadvertisertohelpthemidentify keywords to target. But this free tool is very useful for publishers as well. Some of the key aspects of Keyword Planner are
    • You can generate keyword ideas based on keyword (e.g. best camera phone) or category (e.g. Mobile Phones)
    • You can filter results based on different criteria such as geography or language.
    • You can choose to include (e.g. Samsung) or exclude (e.g. Samsung) keywords from keyword ideas. For example, if you are searching for Camera Phone you can choose to include or exclude Samsung from keyword ideas.
    • You can use multiple keyword lists to come up with keyword ideas.
    • You can search for an exact match or broad match.
Google Keyword Planner provides important information such as Search volume, competition and suggests bid. You want keywords with Good search volume, High competition (remember this is advertiser competition, which is always good for a publisher), and High bid. But these good keyword ideas will usually be difficult to rank as well so you will have to find a balance.
  1. Google Trends Google Trends is another useful free keyword research tool. You would not get exact search volume, but Google trends provide trends and comparison information that other Keyword tools don’t provide.
  2. Bing Keyword Research Tool Similar to Google Keyword Planner tool, Bing keyword research tool gives you insights on Bing traffic. You can see the search volume, Spend, and CPC information. Higher the search volume, CPC and Spend, the better it is for publishers.
  3. Seobook Keyword Tool This Seobook tool gives you a list of keyword ideas with search volume, CPC and monthly value from Google and Bing. Higher these values, better for publishers.
  4. Keywordspy Keywordspy provides a lot of useful information for keywords. You can see similar/related keywords, search volume, and CPC information. The tool does not stop there. You can see ads for the keyword, Organic competitors, PPC competitors, and key information about competitors. Just sign up for a free trial account, and you can use all the information.
  5. Google Search – While all the tools above are great, Google itself is a good source of information. Search for the keyword and look for information below.
    • Number of results for a given keyword/phrase
    • Number of results in quotes
    • Number of results using all in title
    • Number of ads showing for a given query
These stats are important to know as they indicate existing competition for the keyword/phrase. Look at the top results, and ask yourself can you beat them? Are these top results good article written on authority websites?
  1. Seobook firefox addon While Google search can provide some information, you need more information to really check if you can beat top results. This Firefox add-on can help you with answers such as
    • What is the PageRank of the top ranking pages/sites?
    • How many links point to the top ranking pages/sites?
    • What is the age of the webpage?
    • What is social media popularity of webpage?
  1. MOZ SEO toolbar -  MOZ SEO toolbar is similar to Seobook toolbar. But you will some additional metrics. So a combination of MOZ and SEOBook toolbars provides more powerful information about your key competitors. DA and PA are great for quickly determining if a keyword is worth targeting.
Keyword research is important. Look for keywords with high search volume, high PPC, high ad competition, and low search competition. You will have to find a balance though. One last thing, remember that long tail keyword converts better.


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