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14 Top Curation Tools to Speed Up Content Curation Workflow

Content curation can take a lot of time from discovery to filtering to publishing. But there are many free and paid tools that can speed up the complete content curation workflow. We share the list of these amazing tools to quicken your content curation process. Feel free to explore these tools and check if they fit into your workflow.
  1. Pocket – Pocket helps you save web articles for reading later even if you are offline. There is no charge to using the tool.
  2. Curata – Curata is complete content curation software from content discovery to contextualizing and publishing. Charge of using Curata is not known, but expect it to be a bit expensive.
  3. ContentGems – You can curate content from web including news and blogs using ContentGems, The content publishing can be integrated with many platforms such as WordPress and social networks. Very basic version is free, but you would most likely have to shell out 99 usd/month for meaningful content curation.
  4. Feedly – You can follow RSS feeds from multiple sources and share content on multiple platforms using Feedly. Basic version is free.
  5. Storify – You can search stories using Storify or search the web to curate content in story format. The tool is free for basic functionalities.
  6. – Using, you can search content on any keyword and share the content on social channels. You can use basic version for free.
  7. – helps you create a web or email newsletter based on the topic you choose. You can use basic version without any charge.
  8. Buffer - You can schedule and share your social media shares using Buffer. Basic version is free.
  9. Pinterest – You can save ideas as pins for later reading or explore curated ideas in visual manner. The tool does not have charge for basic version.
  10. Quora – Quora can help you find insights in question and answer format. There is no charge to using this tool.
  11. List.Ly – You can maintain multiple types of lists on List.Ly and get feedback from users. The tool is free to use.
  12. Triberr – You can join the tribe and get access to content shared by industry experts on Triberr. basic version is free of cost.
  13. Crate – Crate helps you discover and share great content on any topic on social media. Basic version is free to use.
  14. MyCurator for WordPress – MyCurator is a plugin for WordPress and can do all the heavy lifting of content curation and can even auto-post.   


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