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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 16-Jul-2017

What is the difference between AI and ML? How can retail investors benefit from IoT trends? How can you handle security in a digital transformation? Where does different countries figure in digital competitiveness? - We explore answers to these questions and much more in this week's coverage.
  1. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: What's The Difference? - AI and ML can cause quite a bit of confusion. In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to think like humans, where as Machine Learning means ability of machines to learn and program themselves without having to program specifically by humans.
  2. Study: Digital Transformation Is About How, Not What - A study from SAP and Oxford based on the survey of 3000 global executives reveals that only 3% of companies have gone thru transformation while a whopping 85% know that this transformation is the key to future growth and survival. The ones that have gone thru the transformation have seen market share and profitability increase.
  3. How to Invest in Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors - This is no secret that IoT sensors market is poised for huge growth over next 5 years from around 18B USD to 60B USD. Investors can look to invest in some of the companies making sensors to benefit from the trend. 
  4. Digital Transformation Is About Ecosystems And Thinking Differently - While companies have clear business case of going thru digital transformation, they should start to think about going beyond digital transformation to create and lead digital ecosystems to create value.
  5. Is security killing your digital transformation? - While organizations have solved many problems by adopting agile and devops processes, slow security changes continue to be a bottleneck. Organizations need to move away from slow security releases to real time processes, or they will lose the speed needed to drive digital processes. 
  6. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robo-Advisers: The Future of Finance? - While it is clear that the world of finance can benefit from algorithm based approach to investing and trading, regulators will find it difficult to write rules given the world is still evolving and algorithms can sometimes fail. The potential solution can be to draft regulations that work in broad scenarios and allow a degree of failure.
  7. 60 Countries’ Digital Competitiveness, Indexed - While the world continues to move towards digital, the pace of evolution in different countries have been different. This HBR report maps 60 major countries on digital competitiveness map.
  8. What’s derailing your digital transformation? - Organizations are facing customer and revenue impacting issues and most of these organizations have very low confidence in their ability to solve these issues. AI is the solution organizations need to turn to solve these complex issues.
  9. The Internet Of Things Transforms The Sum Of The Parts, Not Just The Whole - While organizations can certainly look to transform themselves using IoT, individual departments can also benefit significantly resulting in much bigger improvements as a whole. From operations and supply chain to sales and marketing, all the divisions can introspect and transform themselves using IoT.
  10. How Analytics Fits into Your Next Digital Transformation - While Machine learning, IoT, and Cloud are the tools you can utilize for your digital transformation, companies need to have keen eye on how analytics can be utilized to help with the transformation. Companies can look for new sources and new types of data, new analytics techniques,and new domains where analytics can be applied.


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