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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 23-Jul-2017

What are some of the common IOT use-cases today? How can digital mindset help companies avoid failure of transformation? Will Artificial Intelligence be completely unbiased? What does Elon Musk think of AI powered world? - This week's coverage of digital transformation posts covers answers to all these questions and much more.
  1. Digital Transformation – The Humanity of It - While the world continues to move towards technology, it is not making people happy. As we move towards AI, it is important to understand human side and identify what role humans will play in this increasing automated world. 
  2. IoT is everywhere - IOT continues to be integrated to everything we use. If you still think IOT is just a buzzwod, look at these common use-cases from wearable to farming.
  3. Digital Transformation and the Leadership Quandary - While majority of organizations are going thru digital transformation, the failure rate is very high. To increase the chances of successfully transforming the organizations, their leaders need to develop digital mindset to benefit from new network economy and give out controls to outside change agents allowing them to deliver mini transformations.
  4. Will IoT party like 1999? - While Internet of things have seen lot of interests from organizations, most of the investments remain in terms of point of views and proof of concepts. It is unlikely that the world will move to IOT in a a big way anytime soon. 
  5. Is Artificial Intelligence Prejudiced? - While many people expect that AI decisions will be free from bias, this assumption will not be true. AI will be based on the algorithm and data fed to the program and if the algorithm/data was biased, then the result of AI technology will be biased too.
  6. Blockchain – The Missing Link for IoT? - Blockchain has proven to be a successful framework for a number of use cases such as crypto-currencies. A research suggests that it can be a powerful backbone for IOT devices also enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time.
  7. Artificial Intelligence Is Set To Change The Face Of IT Operations - AI technologies such as machine learning can have profound effect on delivering next generation improvements on IT operations such as log analysis, capacity planning, infra scaling, cost management, energy efficiency and performance tuning.
  8. How Google Wants to ‘Humanize’ Artificial Intelligence - It is no doubt that everyone fears that AI will take away jobs and hence may have negative consequences for humans. To alleviate the fear, Google has launched a project called PAIR (People plus AI Research) to develop use cases where human will use AI to deliver work.
  9. Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Is the ‘Greatest Risk We Face as a Civilization’ - When we think of Elon Musk, we think of someone who sees technology and AI as a key to the future. While this assumption is true, it is interesting to see that Elon Musk himself feel that it is important to have regulations to ensure that AI remains in control and benefit human race as a whole.
  10. Researchers made a scary new video tool to make Obama say anything - We always knew that AI could do anything in future, but this fake Obama video makes it clear that future of AI powered world is very near. It is scary and exciting at the same time based on who uses the technology.


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