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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 30-Jul-2017

How far away is your industry from being disrupted by a digital player? What are some of the questions you can ask yourself to judge effectiveness of your digital transformation? What are some of the new features in Salesforce to empower sales executives? What are some of the key beneficiaries of IOT revolution? - We look at answers to these questions and much more in this week's coverage of digital transformation.
  1. Digital Transformation Myths and How They Hold You Back - It is clear that many organizations continue get confused with the meaning of digital transformation. Modernizing technology (e.g. moving from Mainframe to Cloud) is a technology initiative not a digital transformation initiative. However, a brick and mortar bank moving to online offering is a digital transformation initiative. Breaking the myths and getting clarity will ensure organizations succeed on the digital transformation journey.
  2. Digital Disruption Is Coming For Your Industry - How long do you have before your industry get disrupted by a digital competitor? This question is not an easy one to answer and most people will apply a level of subjectivity to answer the question. Centric digital has, however, developed a digital readiness index to apply more objectivity to answer this question.
  3. Three Steps for Manufacturers to Begin their Digital Transformation - While most organizations know that they need to get on board with data driven transformation, the path organizations take makes all the difference. Based on experience, it is advisable to not get into a multi year rigid transformation, but follow simple agile strategies and evolve over time into a digital company.
  4. 5 Questions that Define Your Digital Transformation - Are you sure your digital transformation initiative is going well? If you are not sure how to judge effectiveness of your digital transformation, start by asking these five questions.
  5. Salesforce brings digital transformation to field workers with AI, analytics tools - Customer expectation continue to be on high and they expect the service technicians to provide them quick and hassle-free service. Salesforce is on the forefront of understanding these customer expectations and has launched AI powered features to empower service executives to deliver cutting edge services.
  6. Is Your Contact Center an Asset or Road Block to Digital Transformation? - Customer experience is the key differentiation in today's world, hence it is imperative for organizations to be customer obsessed. Companies that are still on inside-out mode of thinking need to build a a culture of outside-in thinking to deliver a differentiated customer experience.
  7. Internet of Things (IoT) Operating Systems Market to Witness Massive Growth in the Coming Years - The IOT operating system market is expected to grow 6 folds from 2017 to 2020. BYOD and use of portable devices is fueling the growth of cloud and mobility. Key beneficiary of the trend is the professional services industry due to the increased need of consulting and deployment services.
  8. Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on the Telecommunications Industry - Impact of IOT can be seen on many industries and Telecom industry is the key beneficiary of this trend. While the industry has seen some advancement, many areas remain unexplored and the industry can benefit from further research and investment.
  9. The Intelligent Supply Chain: A Use Case For Artificial Intelligence - Many of the use cases of Artificial Intelligence that were only worthy of sci-fi movies are becoming a reality these days. In future, from a supply chain point of view, supply chain that can become smarter faster than others will become a winner.
  10. Are You Joining The Machine Learning Revolution? - Whether we realize it or not, machine learning is already doing work for us such as presenting personalized feed in our Facebook accounts. Deep learning goes one step further and is fueling applications such as face recognition and self-driving car. These disruptive technologies will be able to take away routine business tasks in near future.


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