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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 9-Jul-2017

How can the graph database help a digital transformation?  Who are the top 10 digital transformation service providers? How can the bot technology help you achieve digital use cases? What does future holds for revenue growth of channel partners? - We cover answers to these questions and much more in this week's round up of digital transformation posts.
  1. Graph Databases Helping Banking With Digital Transformation - There is no doubt that banks need to embark on the journey to digital world, but choosing the right technology is not always easy. Graph based technology have advantage over relational database when it comes to handling digital transformation in banking.
  2. GDPR: A Gift to the Digital Transformation - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will soon come into force in Europe and companies that have been digitally transformed are ready to deliver. Consumers will have right to be forgotten and if companies are still holding customer data in silos, they will have difficult time ensuring customer data is deleted on a request.
  3. The Five Pillars Of Digital Transformation Explained - Organizations need to have clear understanding of five pillars of digital transformation. While having a chief digital officer is good, all the executives need to develop the digital mindset and be on the same page of what digital means for the organization. Also, it is important to keep a change management focus and evolve the organization.
  4. IDC reveals Top 10 digital transformation providers - IDC study reveals the top 10 digital transformation providers. These service providers are capable of helping companies achieve business outcomes, create innovative solutions that produce results, and transform business processes upon implementation.
  5. STM, Trade And Education Industry Leaders Offer Perspectives On Digital Transformation In Publishing - Frankfurter Buchmesse‘s study publishes insights regarding five core elements in the digital transformation journey: Content Storage, Metadata, Content Agility, Discover-ability and Collaboration. The study was based on interviews conducted with senior leaders in STM, Education and Trade sectors.
  6. Healthcare Bots Overhaul Vietnam’s Medical Records Through Digital Transformation - Faced with the issues of first contact care of patients and subsequent services, the Hue Family Medicine Center took the complete digital overhaul of system using bots. The result have been amazing since it helped patients have lower wait time and helped the center improve the flow of patients.
  7. Mobile Customer Self-service Increases Revenue, Maximize Customer Lifetime Value, and Reduces Costs - Organizations need to be become more customer-centric and have clear understanding of customer journeys. Define your goals clearly and then get onto the digital overhaul to improve customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.
  8. Digital transformation for channel providers: Don’t worry, be nimble - While some worry that channel partners will face a challenge in cloud world, there could be many opportunities as the complexity of digital technology increases and software vendors themselves go thru the transformation exercise.
  9. Mattress In A Box: Customer-Centric Digital Transformation - What does digital transformation mean? Casper shows the way by reinventing mattress buying experience that the transformation means managing the change by leading the change.
  10. The Talk Business Leaders Need to Have With Finance To Drive A Digital Transformation - While there have been a lot of promise of digital technologies, the impact on productivity during 3rd industrial revolution has been low. Organizations can not continue on the same path and need to define different goals free from rigid KPIs and ROIs to drive value from the digital revolution.


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