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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 2-Jul-2017

What does Blockchain technology mean and what can it offer? Who should be driving Digital Transformation - Business or IT? How to handle digital skill shortage challenge? Will Lean Six Sigma stay relevant in digital transformation era? What does digital transformation mean for countries (e.g. China)? - This week's coverage of top 10 articles cover answer to these questions and much more.
  1. Blockchain in Plain English - All the articles about Blockchain technology usually get into technical information and explain how this technology works. This article takes a different approach and explain what is Blockchain (and what it is not) and what it can do in simple way.
  2. Who’s driving digital transformation? Who should be? - An IDC survey reveals that 72% of Digital transformations are business led and only 28% are IT led. Is this a good trend? Should IT take the charge of Digital transformation programs?
  3. Digital Transformation and the Pace of Change - While companies have been moving to digital for a while now, the pace of change is becoming faster. While organizations earlier had time to evaluate and respond, they now need to take quicker decisions and become much more agile to stay relevant. 
  4. The top 10 barriers to digital transformation - A recent HBR report concludes top 10 factors holding the digital transformation back. These factors include inability to experiment quickly, legacy systems, and inability to break down silos.
  5. Digital Transformation Skills Shortage Slows Progress - Digital skills shortage is slowing down progress of digital transformation in most of the organizations today. Organizations can look to provide on-the-job experience and intense training to manage the risk of skill gap.
  6. How Amazon, Walmart, and Apple are Undermining Your Digital Transformation - Successful organizations are leading the way for digital transformations and all organizations must catch up to succeed.
  7. 3 Roadblocks For PLM Digital Transformation - PLM vendors need to overcome these 3 barriers to succeed in digital transformation initiatives. 
  8. Digital Transformation Starts With the Data Platform - Before organizations start on digital transformation journey, they need to have clear data strategy. Getting the data platform and strategy wrong can cost organizations wasted efforts and time.
  9. How Digital Transformation Skyrockets Lean Six Sigma In Impact - Lean Six Sigma has been a key enabler of business improvements for decades. But with digital transformation promising an improvement of 40 to 60 percent or more, Lean Six Sigma with its 3 percentage improvement will find it difficult to stay a key transformation strategy. 
  10. Some thoughts on China’s digital transformation - It is interesting to see how digital transformation is impacting countries. The article touches some key points on scale and opportunities of China's digitization.


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