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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 13-Aug-2017

Who is partnering with WhatsApp in India to provide a payment gateway? What is the future of airline industry in digital economy? What are some of the new laws in UK and Europe to transform the digital experience? How is the role of CFO changing in digital era? – We cover answers to all these questions and much more in this week’s coverage of enterprise digital transformation?
  1. WhatsApp’s Integration of UPI-Based Payments Has Strategic Consequences for India’s Digital Economy – In a revolutionary move, Indian government and WhatsApp announced that WhatsApp will be using the government payment solution “BHIM” to deliver payment features on WhatsApp.
  2. The Digital Economy: What The Future Means For Airlines – The digital economy is here and Airline industry can hugely benefit from this economy. Airlines can have smarter operations, create new market opportunities and revenue channels, can manage safety, and above all offer personalized engagement to their customers.
  3. UK data protection laws to be overhauled – Similar to GDPR, UK is drafting its own data protection law that will allow customers to request deletion of their data and impose hefty fine on organizations that won’t be meeting the requests.
  4. Transforming Europe’s digital economy with PSD2 and GDPR – 2018 will be a defining year for Europe with both GPDR and PSD2 becoming laws. While GDPR will give much more power to users with the right to be forgotten, PSD2 will make the payments much safer and bring more users into digital payments.
  5. Watson Chief Architect: Ai Not Taking Jobs Just Yet - The chief architect of IBM’s AI supercomputer Watson, Ruchir Puri says that the AI is not mature enough to take away jobs yet and what we have achieved is very small subset of what we can achieve with AI.
  6. Five Ways To Prepare Tech Employees For The Future Of Work – It is no secret that technology and automation will make many of today’s skills obsolete, but using the today to prepare the workers for the jobs of tomorrow will ease the transition.
  7. Mid-year 2017 Predictions Update – While technology is making our life easier and connected, it is also making it easier for exploiters to easily exploit the vulnerabilities. Shadownet and Ransomware attacks we saw in the first half of 2017 should act as a warning for organizations and individuals to be more cautious in their approach.
  8. Why failing to protect the open internet could crush US tech startups – While the USA has been at the forefront of technology innovations in the past, the research indicates that it might be losing the position to other countries and might leg behind in digital world.
  9. Are you and your network ready for change? – Network economy is powerful and create new ways for people to connect and deliver value.
  10. The Metamorphosis Of Finance: What My Journey Has Taught Me – The role of CFO has changed in the digital era. While the role of Finance managers as controllers is still expected, they are increasingly getting a say in the strategic decision making when they have taken control functions in complete control.


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