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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 20-Aug-2017

What are some of the barriers to change in organizations? What are the key use cases of machine learning in Life Sciences industry? Can AI powered tool make better decisions than Venture Capitalists? What is RegTech and what are some of the key stats about this new field of AI? – We cover answers to these questions and much more in this week’s coverage of enterprise digital transformation posts.
  1. Your Playbook to Digital Transformation – Almost every business is being impacted, if not disrupted, by the digital transformation. It is important for established business to proactively review barriers to change and assess readiness for digital transformation to stay competitive.
  2. Top Uses For Machine Learning In Life Sciences – Machine Learning can help Life Sciences companies in a big way. Some of the potential use cases include Quality processes in supply chain and manufacturing, learning management for regulation adherence, and automated clearing in accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  3. Why Digital Transformation Matters To Government Agencies – With the huge budget required for running existing systems and personal costs, it is imperative that government look to digital transformation to keep up with technology innovations and better serve the citizens.
  4. A computer was asked to predict which start-ups would be successful. The results were astonishing – An AI powered program picked 50 startups with maximum potential to succeed, and eight years later the portfolio has beaten every other portfolio in the history except one. The results indicate that AI might replace human in funding decision making.
  5. In the Digital Economy, Data Has No Expiration Date – While technologies such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a lot of potential, the data is the key to train these technologies. Like humans need to spend 10000 hours of practice to master a skill, machines need to spend time and learn from the collected data to become experts.
  6. How Enterprises Can Thrive in an Internet of Things Ecosystem – IoT is here to stay and organizations need to think if they are network ready for this new ecosystem.
  7. A Guide to Machine Learning – Machine learning has evolved over last few decades growing from artificial neural networks to explanation based learning. While machine learning saw some slowdown in 90s, the interest is back and recent advancements indicate that it is already a powerful tool in IT professional’s toolkit.
  8. When artificial intelligence and human resources intersect – AI assistants can be powerful HR tools in the future and free up HR from routine and time-consuming tasks. AI assistants can take unbiased interviews, automate workflows, predict more accurate future, and manage employee relations.
  9. 10 Regtech Stats You Should Know About – RegTech (Regulatory Technology) is a relatively new field within Artificial intelligence. From USD 200 Billion fines since 2008 to five-fold increase in regulatory changes, these are the key stats about RegTech.
  10. The value of analytics and big data in digital transformation – Data is the new currency of digital economy and the data generated by devices and cloud continue to grow at unprecedented pace. The skills to be able to use this new currency will determine success of digital transformation in an organization.


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