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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 27-Aug-2017

How to avoid common bottlenecks in Bi-modal transformation? Can blockchain technology solve the problems faced by IOT? Are there any use cases of blockchain beyond bitcoin and other crypto-currencies? How can companies win in the winner-takes-all digital economy? – We cover answers to all these questions and much more in this week coverage of enterprise digital transformation posts.
  1. The Digital Transformation Mindset that Matters Across Geographies - While digital mindset varies across geographies with Netherlands and US leading the pack, there is still quite a big difference among companies. While all the companies understand the need for digital transformation, only 3% of companies have gone thru the transformation. But these digital leaders are twice as effective on digital parameters as even the highest ranked countries.
  2. Bimodal transformation: Avoiding five common pitfalls to success – If companies want to drive innovation agenda across the organization, the benefits of Bi-modal structure are well known. But companies must understand the objectives and avoid some bottlenecks to be successful.
  3. Blockchain: The Missing Link For IoT? – While all the current IOT frameworks rely on a central network to connect the devices, it might be a better approach to decentralize the IOT connectivity and hence, blockchain can prove to be the connectivity framework IOT needs.
  4. Mark Cuban’s New Blockchain Project: The Future of Social Media and Messaging? – The use cases of Blockchain continue to grow beyond Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. In a recent move, Mark Cuban has started a new project that aims at utilizing blockchain for Social networking.
  5. More Human Jobs Powered By Artificial Intelligence – While the debate is still on whether AI will take away human jobs or not, one thing is clear that AI will empower Humans in doing their jobs better and might even create more jobs in IT and related departments.
  6. I was worried about artificial intelligence—until it saved my life – Artificial Intelligence has been often debated for its negative impacts on future jobs and work, but we must learn to adapt and incorporate this technology in our lives since it has tremendous potential to have positive impact on quality and productivity of our lives.
  7. Three Critical Ingredients for AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing Success – Machine Learning is now at the peak of inflated expectations and companies need to define clear use cases and measurable benefits to ensure that ML project can stay on course of success.  
  8. Leak of >1,700 valid passwords could make the IoT mess much worse – While the potential benefits of IOT are well known, IOT trends also increase the risks of cyber-attacks. A recent leak of default passwords proves how vulnerable devices and networks remain.
  9. How can you outperform the winners-eat-everything digital economy? – Every company has a road-map to succeed in the digital economy, but the digital economy is a winner-takes-all economy. To succeed in the future, companies must remember this fact and strive to become a platform that everyone wants to connect to.
  10. An Overview Of The Digital Economy The digital economy is here and will transform all the industries. For example, AR will change the entertainment industry, Quantum encryption will revolutionize online security and fraud, and Smart homes will make life easier. 


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