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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Month of 10-Sep-2017

What kind of new jobs can AI create? What are popular types of organizational structure employed for digital transformation initiatives? What are some of the common types of algorithms used in Machine Learning? What are the key highlights of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the quarter gone by? – We look at answers to these questions and much more in this monthly coverage of enterprise digital transformation posts.
  1. What Gen Z’s Arrival In The Workforce Means For Recruiters – Generation Z (born between mid-90s and 2010) will hit the workforce in next few years, and it is important for the recruiters to understand their future recruits to get the best out of the workforce. The new generation is always connected, will put emphasis on flexible work schedule even more than generation X, but being brought up in recessions are expected to be more hard working and financially conservative.
  2. Ideation to Realization: How Dutch Banks Are Harnessing Blockchain – Dutch Banks (e.g. ABN Amro, Robobank and IING) are leading the POC stage of blockchain technology. But the banks need to have clear governance of collaboration work, keep an eye on legal aspects, ensure data privacy and protection, and be clear about use of blockchain technology to continue the journey to commercialization of use cases.
  3. Getting Started with AWS IoT (Internet of Things) – Amazon’s IOT Platform lets you get started with IOT use cases quickly without having to invest heavily in infrastructure. The Amazon IOT solution integrates with AWS cloud and provides connectivity between devices and cloud to process data from and to the connected IOT devices.
  4. Artificial intelligence will create new kinds of work – While AI will eliminate many jobs, it will create new kind of jobs. For example, new algorithms will need to be trained and fed with human data and that will require human efforts employed.
  5.  How Quantum Computers Will Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning And Big Data – As the data continues to grow exponentially, the linear increase in computing power will not be able to keep pace with the change. Success of Quantum computers holds the key to solving the problem of exponential data growth.
  6. Organisational structures for digital transformation: 4 archetypes emerge – There are four types of org structure that are emerging to manage digital transformation. 1) Special Project team structure is employed by organizations just starting out and have not figured out where to get started, 2) the central office model is employed by a little more mature organizations that are starting to work with business units, 3) the embedded model is employed by more mature originations that are starting to make digital everyone’s responsibility, and 4) digital business unit structure is employed by large organizations that want to get into new digital business lines.
  7. How Artificial Intelligence helps for a better User Experience – Many use cases are starting to emerge in UX design involving artificial intelligence that are helping designers focus on more complex tasks. AI can analyze different devices and come up with optimized images for UX relieving designers of these tedious tasks.
  8. Introduction to Machine Learning – Machine Learning involves three types of learning: Supervised (regression or classification), Unsupervised (clustering or feature reduction), and reinforcement learning.
  9.  10 Things Everyone Should Know About Machine Learning – There is a lot of noise around machine learning, but these 10 points will help you clear some of the myths of machine learning.
  10. Historic Quarter: CoinDesk Launches Q2 State of Blockchain Report – Crypto currencies market jumped from $25B to $100B, ICOs continue to be on strong trend and attract huge VC money, and Bitcoin loses market share to other crypto currencies in the last quarter.


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