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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Month Ending 08-Oct-2017

What is Loihi and how can it speed up AI adoption? What are some of the key trends in AI as we enter 2018? What is the third interface of Human-tech interaction after PC clicks and Smartphone touch and why News industry need to take it seriously? Who owns the IoT devices – companies or customers? – This week’s coverage of digital transformation looks at answers to these questions and much more.
  1. Gartner Says Digital Disruptors Are Impacting All Industries; Digital KPIs Are Crucial to Measuring Success – Businesses need to be able to measure the success of Digital transformation initiatives and hence digital KPIs are critical. The KPIs could be optimization-oriented such as an increase in efficiency or growth-oriented such as an increase in revenue.
  2. Intel’s New Self-Learning Chip Promises to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence – Intel is working on a new chip called “Loihi” that will help machines learn faster while reducing computing power required. The chip achieves this balance by mimicking brain’s mechanics to its digital circuits.
  3. AI could be driving a new digital divide – So far, the digital divide has meant people’s access to broadband access, but that divide has been closing over last few years. A new digital divide could emerge soon, where people and organizations with access to AI technology will have a significant advantage over others who do not have access.
  4. The World of Artificial Intelligence - 8 Trends to Watch in 2018 – While AI is still in its infancy, there are enough signs that it will disrupt the world we live in. From advantages to larger companies to consolidations of algorithms, here are the 8 AI trends to look forward to in 2018.
  5. Top 10 applications of Machine Learning in Finance - Financial industry can use machine learning to solve complex problems. From algorithm trading to fraud detection, the financial industry is already making use of AI and ML in many use cases.
  6. The ‘Internet of Things’ is Sending Us Back to the Middle Ages - IoT is making it easier for companies to control our data and in a way, they continue to own the devices we have paid for. The trend is dangerous and infringes on privacy and ownership.
  7. Keep calm and automate to unlock the opportunity in the vertical Internet of Things – While IoT has made a lot of progress and is certainly quite promising technology, making real progress that can live up to the hype will require companies to focus on vertical offerings.
  8. Blockchain Technology Securing The Internet Of Things   - As the number of connected devices continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the impact of any security breach will be exponentially higher. Blockchain technology can address the concern by blocking single point of failures.
  9. The future of news is humans talking to machines – Voice, after PC Clicks and smartphone touch, is expected to be the third phase of change how humans interact with technology. News companies should embrace the change before they are left behind in this key trend.
  10. How Graph Databases Help Smart Homes Become Connected Homes – Graph databases could be the perfect match for IoT enabled connected devices, since it allows data to grow easily in a connected network. 


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