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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Month Ending 7-Jan-2018

Is Bitcoin revolution real or fad? What did 2017 brought to India in terms of Bitcoin and Blockchain adoption? How did Air Canada analyze and revamped customer service? What is growth rate of digital transformation spending? What can companies learn from GE’s digital transformation journey? – We look at answers to these questions and much more in the monthly coverage of enterprise digital transformation posts.
  1. Bitcoin Delusions, Blockchain Realities – Will Bitcoin continue to deliver spectacular returns? Bitcoin is clearly in bubble and will burst at some point in time. Use of Blockchain, however, is here to stay and will likely see many applications.
  2. What is a blockchain? Here’s everything you need to know – Blockchain is gaining popularity every day, but if it needs to become a mainstream technology, it needs to solve many problems such as slow transaction time and high energy consumption.
  3. Growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain Development in India: 2017 in Review – While government and media tried to send negative message about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the market grew significantly in India. While there were mixed views on cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology mostly received with positive reviews.
  4. Blockchain Will Fulfill the Broken Promise of the Internet For Creatives, Says INK COO – Blockchain is going to strengthen internet by bringing transparency and ownership to creative work - feels Daniel Zhai, COO of Blockchain startup INK Labs Foundation.
  5. Automatic Insights: How AI and Machine Learning Improve Customer Service – We are starting to see real life examples of AI and Machine learning. In a recent example, Air Canada tied up with Glassbox to analyze customer interactions with airline’s mobile app. Using the Machine learning tools, Air Canada was able to get insights in a fraction of time as compared to human analysis.
  6. Digital Transformation Revenue will Reach $2.1 Trillion – Digital transformation spending continue to grow at rapid pace and is expected to reach $2.1 Trillion dollars soon. While some industries are more focused on cloud, big data, analytics, and mobility, many have shifted their investment focus toward the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing and robotics.
  7. Box launches new consulting unit to help customers struggling with digital transformation – Box launches a new consulting service to help clients transform business processes around content management.
  8. In spite of digital transformation, 2017 did not yield the desired financial results for GE – GE was one of the early adopters who saw the need of digital transformation as early as 2014. 3 years later the gain remains limited, but company is still a key case study for all the other large organization that would like to follow and learn from.
  9. The Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom – Here is a different view on digital economy. The Virtual economy is supposed to be anti-establishment, but the effect its having is entirely opposite. The new economy is taking us closer to an even more controlled environment.
  10. 10 Commands for a Digital Age – While always-on technology is having alarmingly negative impacts on people, we can always choose to program our life in digitally connected world.


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